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Keeping pets calm this Christmas

Welcome to Monday 10th December’s advent feature! Christmas can be an unsettling time for pets with decorations going up, furniture being moved and the home often being busier with visitors and…

Categories: News
Published: 10, Dec, 2018

Louis finds a forever home for Christmas

We have a really heartwarming Christmas story for our 8th and 9th December advent windows. This is 11 month old poodle Louis who is one lucky pup! And not just…

Categories: News
Published: 8, Dec, 2018

Free Royal Canin 50th anniversary storage tin!

It’s day 7 on our advent calendar already. And behind today’s window we have a giveaway! It’s pet food manufacturer Royal Canin’s 50th anniversary, and to celebrate they are giving…

Categories: News
Published: 6, Dec, 2018

Grape, raisin and sultana alert!

‘Tis the season for dried fruit-laden tasty Christmas goodies! So behind today’s advent calendar window (5th December), we’re raising awareness about the danger of grapes, raisins and sultanas which are…

Categories: News
Published: 5, Dec, 2018

Give a homeless pet a Christmas dinner campaign

Every December, we invite people to donate wet and dry food, treats and bedding for stray cats and dogs who won’t be spending Christmas in a loving forever home. So…

Categories: News
Published: 4, Dec, 2018

The 387 team at Christmas!

Last night the 387 Team all got dressed up and headed out to The Premiere Suite in Cannock for the venue’s Ugly Coyote-themed Christmas Party Night. We had a great…

Categories: News
Published: 2, Dec, 2018

What’s behind our first advent calendar window?

What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations? Tinsillitis! It’s 1st December, and many of us will be putting up our Christmas decorations this weekend. So for our first…

Categories: News
Published: 1, Dec, 2018

387 Vets’ daily advent calendar post!

We thought it would be fun to make our own 387 Vets advent calendar this Christmas! In true advent calendar tradition, we’ll be opening a new window on our giant…

Categories: News
Published: 30, Nov, 2018

Cosy Christmas toes!

If your pet comes in for surgery, keeping them warm during their procedure is a real priority: temperature drop can slow recovery, and hypothermia is understandably dangerous to their health….

Categories: News
Published: 27, Nov, 2018

Extra sunshine on this Monday morning!

This is little baby bulldog Rocco who has been in this morning for a weigh and worm appointment. What a sweetheart! The 12 week old puppy loved saying hello to…

Categories: News
Published: 26, Nov, 2018