Brexit for Pets: what to do in a no-deal scenario

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has advised that should the UK leave the EU next year without a deal, there will be important implications for pet…

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Published: 21, Nov, 2018

The speediest vet on the planet!

Hamish is back in work today after attending the London Vet Show last week. And he was delighted to have met this sporting superstar at congress! Laura Muir is the…

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Published: 19, Nov, 2018

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World Antibiotic Awareness Week starts today

Today marks the start of World Antibiotic Awareness Week with the aim of increasing global awareness around antibiotic resistance.┬áMisuse and overuse of antibiotics have encouraged the spread of antibiotic resistance,…

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Published: 12, Nov, 2018
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Remember, remember, it’s the 5th November!

Tonight’s the night when we traditionally celebrate bonfire night with big bangs and spectacular fireworks. Whilst it may be fun for us, it’s not so fun for our pets. If…

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Published: 5, Nov, 2018

Halloween chic!

Roxy came in for some dental treatment wearing this gorgeous Halloween-themed collar, and we loved it so much, we asked if Roxy’s mum could send us a photo of beautiful…

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Published: 31, Oct, 2018

George is a winner!

This is George, our latest weight clinic winner! George was entered into a free prize draw for weight clinic attendees, and is now the proud owner of this brand new…

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Published: 30, Oct, 2018

Remember, remember your pets this November!

Fireworks season can be a really scary time for pets with all those loud bangs and high pitched noises. Signs that your pet is in distress can vary from whining…

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Published: 11, Oct, 2018

Today is World Mental Health Day

The 10th October is recognised annually as World Mental Heath Day and is designed to raise awareness about mental health issues world-wide. Working on improving wellbeing for positive mental heath…

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Published: 10, Oct, 2018

Looking good, Joey!

Joey has been in today for a nail clip, and is a very special visitor as he is over half a century old! At 51 years of age, we think…

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Published: 8, Oct, 2018

Look! It’s Jo!

We were looking through our British Veterinary Nursing Association Congress Times this morning and who should we see on p5, but a photo of our receptionist Jo presenting the award…

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Published: 4, Oct, 2018