Remember, remember your pets this November!

Fireworks season can be a really scary time for pets with all those loud bangs and high pitched noises. Signs that your pet is in distress can vary from whining…

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Published: 11, Oct, 2018

Today is World Mental Health Day

The 10th October is recognised annually as World Mental Heath Day and is designed to raise awareness about mental health issues world-wide. Working on improving wellbeing for positive mental heath…

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Published: 10, Oct, 2018

Looking good, Joey!

Joey has been in today for a nail clip, and is a very special visitor as he is over half a century old! At 51 years of age, we think…

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Published: 8, Oct, 2018

Look! It’s Jo!

We were looking through our British Veterinary Nursing Association Congress Times this morning and who should we see on p5, but a photo of our receptionist Jo presenting the award…

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Published: 4, Oct, 2018

Forest gets his sparkle back!

Forest’s owner had not long rescued him from a rehoming centre but had already noticed that his breath was quite smelly and unpleasant. So it wasn’t a surprise when we…

Lightening strikes twice

Poor Bella’s owners carried her in to see us after she cut herself when she was out on her dog walk. There was quite a lot of blood when she…

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Published: 27, Sep, 2018

Manx Shearwater blown in by the storms

What a treat for us this morning! This is the first Manx Shearwater we have ever seen! In the UK, they breed in burrows on rocky west-coast offshore islands where…

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Published: 25, Sep, 2018

Thank you Helen!

A big thank you to Helen who many of you will have met in nurse consultations or on reception. Yesterday was Helen’s last day at 387 Vets. HelenĀ is our first…

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Published: 21, Sep, 2018

High winds bring unexpected visitors

The team have called these two babies Storm and Ali as they were brought in to 387 Vets this morning having been blown out of their nest by the UK’s…

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Published: 20, Sep, 2018
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Welcome to our new receptionist!

Many of you will already have met Bethany who started here on Monday in our brand new receptionist role. Bethany will be working alongside our long-standing receptionist Jo and we…

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Published: 14, Sep, 2018

Summer hazard

The hot weather over the summer brought out the bees and the wasps, and we’ve seen quite a few dogs with stings. 14 week old Hugo was in just last…

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Published: 12, Sep, 2018