Pets need dental check ups too!

Model of a cat’s mouth Model of a dog’s mouth It’s nearly half term! Which is normally a great time for catching up with family dental appointments. Don’t forget to…

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Published: 16, Feb, 2018

Happy Shrove Tuesday!

What a week we’re having! Hot breakfast sandwiches on Friday, and now a huge batch of pancakes that our receptionist Jo made and brought in for us to share. ¬†AND…

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Published: 13, Feb, 2018

Little and large!

What a cute photo! Bullmastiff Max and little puppy pug Milo met in the waiting room one evening last week when they were in for appointments and immediately made friends….

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Published: 12, Feb, 2018

Delicious Friday!

We love Fridays when Lee and Tom Dakin are here on a building project. Because Fridays normally become hot breakfast sandwich morning! Thanks so much for our mid morning treat…

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Published: 9, Feb, 2018

Changes afoot . . .

Many of you will recognise this as the nurses’ consulting room, although it’s looking a little different this morning! Over the next fortnight, Lee Dakin and his team will be…

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Published: 5, Feb, 2018

News just in …

We are delighted that 387 Vets has just been announced as winner of Vets of the Year 2018 in the annual ‘thebestof’ awards – as voted by you! And not…

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Published: 2, Feb, 2018

Shock for Shaun

Shaun was enjoying a nice, fun walk when he ran into a metal stake used for tethering horses that had been left in the middle of a field. The stake…


This is lucky Saffie being reunited with her mum, having been lost for 2 days from home. The family moved locally 8 weeks ago and poor Saffie must have lost…

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Published: 29, Jan, 2018

Check out our Cat Friendly Clinics!

ORINOCO LOVES OUR CAT FRIENDLY CLINIC STATUS! This is gorgeous kitten Orinoco who came in for his check up and vaccinations at 387 Vets with his five brothers and sisters….

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Published: 23, Jan, 2018
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New bird flu prevention zone in place

Breaking urgent news for anyone keeping chickens or birds of any kind. Following identification of the H5N6 strain of bird flu in 17 wild birds in Dorset last week, and…

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Published: 18, Jan, 2018

Thank you for your Christmas pet donations

The collection of pet food and goodies Receiving a Certificate of Merit from Sunnyside Kennels Anna Whitehouse from Rugeley Cats Society collecting donations Thanks so much to everyone who contributed…

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Published: 10, Jan, 2018