Happy to help – even with a bump!

Our vet Carole has been out and about this morning giving a course of acupuncture to Maggie in her home. Maggie is having the treatment to help provide pain relief…

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Published: 16, Oct, 2017

A grand day out!

It’s not everyday you get to spend a day at Leicester City Football Ground as part of work! What a venue! Our Practice Manager Rachel was there yesterday, having been…

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Published: 12, Oct, 2017

Today is World Mental Health Day . . .

Today is World Mental Health Day! According to Open Minds Health who ran a Mental Wellbeing Awareness Course attended by our Practice Manager, one in four of us will have…

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Published: 10, Oct, 2017

It’s all in the name!

This gorgeous 4 month old westie pup Jodie was in yesterday for a weigh and worm nurse clinic. And here she is having her photo taken with our qualified vet…

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Published: 6, Oct, 2017

A rare treat

This beautiful raptor was brought in to see us after a lady found it sitting in her garden looking dazed and concussed. It’s now recuperating well at a wildlife rescue…

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Published: 25, Sep, 2017

For all keepers of chickens . . .

Hamish was away on an Official Veterinarian (OV) training day in Swindon yesterday, and he came back with some really interesting information for anyone who keeps backyard chickens….   Did…

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Published: 22, Sep, 2017

Welcome back Jeffrey

  We loved seeing gorgeous 10 month old rabbit Jeffrey again this morning. Last time he was here, he had treatment for an abscess on his shoulder, and was so…

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Published: 12, Sep, 2017

Injury a real pain

Our Practice Manager Rachel is due to run the Lichfield 10k tomorrow in support of the Stafford Samaritans. However, 5km into her final training run on Wednesday, she felt a…

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Published: 9, Sep, 2017

Local VHD2 rabbit deaths confirmed

Image above is a screenshot of a recent post on the ‘Myxomatosis and VHD Map’ Facebook page. Following on from our July post, sadly there have now been confirmed cases…

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Published: 8, Sep, 2017

Parvo alert: is your dog safe?

For all dog owners out there, please note that parvovirus has been reported in Walsall. Make sure your dog’s annual booster is up to date as this includes protection against…

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Published: 7, Sep, 2017
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Date cancellation

Following several enquiries about this Saturday and our proposed 10th birthday celebrations, for those of you who have marked the date in your diary, this is just to let you…

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Published: 6, Sep, 2017